Koupe is a start-up and with an enormous love for pure and healthy food. This fresh organization is convinced prepearing tasteful "fast food" does not mean its has to be unhealthy.   

Koupe developed an icecream rich of protein which is a healthier and smarter alternative for the regular icecreams. It is based on whey proteins and fibres and contains merely a quarter of the sugars and half of the calories of a traditional icecream. And it must be very good, because Koupe won the "World Dairy Innovations Awards 2016".

Koupe proteïne icecream is available in supermarkets in The Netherlands, Denmark and in the United States.  

Crazy Containers developed a 20FT festival container for Koupe and placed it at Share a Perfect Day in Hilvarenbeek. The branded doors and the sunny garden in front of the event box created the neccessary stopping power. And well, on a hot day, Koupe sells itselff. 

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