Dolce Gusto

Huishoudbeurs 2017
The Huishoudbeurs exhibition in RAI Amsterdam has known wat moves women since 1950. It is the biggest girlfriends party in the Netherlands. At the exhibition, you’ll find the latest trends and developments in fashion, cosmetics, living, leisure, health and so much more. A presence at the yearly Huishoudbeurs is a must in the marketing plans of most consumer brands.

This applies as well for Dolce Gusto, represented by field marketing bureau Brandwise. Thank to the strategic placement of the event container just in front of the entrance of the RAI Exhibition Centre, the promotion team was able to make contact with a lot of visitors. And to sell coffee of course. The audience got a warm welcome from the premium brand in coffee. Crazy Containers installed a complete coffee bar in the event container. The target group could compare the taste of Dolce Gusto with the taste of other brands. It didn’t take much to discover that DC was highly appreciated.

Optimal visibility, attention and interaction. The activation was a success.

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