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Bouwformatie is an innovative company specialized in construction. As one of the largest specialists in construction information, the organization is the most important player in construction media. Bouwformatie merged with Archidat, the largest independent of knowledge in the field of construction details, costs and research in 2013. Archidat Bouwformatie brings construction partners together in terms of technology, esthetics and commercial activities. The start point is knowledge-sharing. Together with partners, such as producers, architects, engineers, advisors, building contractors and others, Archidat Bouwformatie makes sure that knowledge is combined and available for all parties in the process

Archidat Bouwformatie has over 60,000 registered members and reaches out to over 200,000 specialists with construction news about architecture, technique, details and costs.

Event container at the Bouwbeurs 
At the Bouwbeurs 2017, Archidat Bouwformatie used a Crazy Container to promote the 'Bouwdetailwijzer Duurzaam Energiezuinig Bouwen'. The organization truly drew attention with the modern design and lighting.

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