11 Beaufort

11 BEAUFORT asked us to develop an experience that highlighted the wind experience. Crazy Containers designed a wind container with a massive wind turbine and a console where visitors could adjust the wind generation individually. Event up to wind force 6. Take our word for it, that will give you some energy!  

Wind power is a lot tougher than you might think
Experience the extreme power of the wind at 11 BEAUFORT. It is the place to learn about wind and sustainable energy in general. Find out more about how wind turbines operate, what they are good for, and how noisy a wind turbine is. Get informed about green energy and a whole lot more at 11 BEAUFORT.

The advent of a wind park in the Noordoostpolder raised some questions. The community of Noordoostpolder and Urk chose 11 BEAUFORT as an experience center. The convenient location relative to the A6 highway and several interactive experiences did the trick.

What to expect at 11 BEAUFORT?
Fun for everyone, young and old! Visiting 11 BEAUFORT is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take a trip in the world of wind turbines and feel the energy. Experience the breathtaking view from the mill, with a guide or individually and generate your own energy. In only an hour and a half, you will experience a new and imposing world at 11 BEAUFORT.   

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