Brand new interactive website Crazy Containers

We asked marketers, brand managers, event organizers and field marketing agencies what we could improve in our website. The results were unanimously: we want to configure our own event container, the raw concept, quick and easy and a price estimate immediately. Deadlines are short and time is precious.

"Everything begins with an idea" - Earl Nigtingale

At Crazy Containers, we work hard on the development of new event containers daily. We activate brands and we develop our own brand. A new website including a hyper modern configurator was therefore necessary. Designing your own concept has never been as easy as that.

We are proud! But we are also interested in what you think. How does it work for you? Are you missing certain models or possibilities? Do you need something different? Please help us to create the optimal website for you. Configure your own event container in just a few clicks. 

Crazy Containers - Brand new website