A hospitality pavilion you cannot ignore

At events and exhibitions, you only have one goal: live contact with your target groups. You want to meet your prospects face to face. You want to start the dialogue, gain information and building a relationship. And in those cases, you need to give someting first. 

Attending events can be pretty intensive. Getting a moment to relax is no waste of time. As a participant you can choose to do the entertainment or create a possiblity to activate. But there is also a chance to bring a moment of tranquility. An environment where visitors can chill and relax for a moment. Drinks and beverages are included ofcourse. A place to unwind for everyone .... .  

An hospitality pavilion you cannot ignore

Crazy Containers builds customized hospitality pavilions using their event containers. From a single 20ft container to second floor experiences and rooftop bars. The connected containers offer the possibility to really impress the audience, without investing in building a complete stand alone pavilion from scratch. Just take a look yourself. A pavilion such as Delta Lloyd looks pretty amazing.   

Crazy Containers builds the pavilion, organizes the transport of the containers and the furnuture and takes care of branding and support. Do you need a projectmanager or a team of hostesses No problem! We take care of you ... and your clients.  

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